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Friday, February 26, 2010


I have not had the time to write anything new in here. As usual, its work, family and studies that got my blogged down.... and guess what, I was not 1 of the 5 lucky winners for tonight's ang pao toto draw!! :(
This was 1 of the very first articles contributed by 1 of the owners, who unfortunately had since left due to personal reasons. A year ago, to my dismay, I realised that most of the original articles were somehow removed. Fortunately, James did his magic and restored the articles and now I make it a point to backup them in here.

Proper selection of your arowana is very important since your pet can be your life long companion

Selection of Young Asian Arowanas are determined by its colour development, body shape & swimming postures.

Colouration is but one of the selection criteria. However, some place heavy weightage to this than any other factors. What is the best colour? General rule, the more intensely coloured, the better. This section covers some aspects of colour in the general types of Asian arowanas. Bear in mind colour preferences are very subjective.

1. Lips & barbels
Depending on the arowana variety, the colours are as follows:

Arowana Type                                   Colour
Red (1st grade)                                  Pink / Orange / Red
Lower grade red & yellow tail            Yellow / grey / brown or mixed
Gold (crossback & red tail gold)         Brown - grey mixed
Green                                                 Green - grey mixed
Hybrid                                                Colour will depend on the types inter-bred

1st grade red

2. Gill plates
Colourations normall begins from the 'A' valley region and the horiztonal line between the 'A' region to the eye. Colour development will then spread outwards from these areas. One way of identifying the possible future colouration of a young arowana is through these hints

3. Eyes
There is no clear relationship between the colour of the eyes with the arowana type. Most of the time, the eyes are coloured in a mixture of yellow, gold, green and red of various intensity. Some hobbyists preferred red-eyed arowanas.

4. Scales
A newly formed or undeveloped scale colour is of dull shades from grey, brown to almost black. All asian arowanas will have some colouration developed on every scale when mature except red-tail gold (which will have permanent undeveloped colour on the scales on its top). Under-bellied scales of arowanas are normally white in colour. Before any colouration becomes apparent, the scale first turns into a metallic shine that usually reflects a purple hue under lights. At this time, the base core colour of the arowana can be seen. The colour base of an arowana is referred from this inner region of the scale. The outer rim of the scale will show the corresponding colours of the arowana type.
                A young crossback

5 Fins
Some juveniles may have white or colourless finnage attributes, this is because colouration is yet to be properly developed. This may make it harden to distinguish breeds that are of similar colour bases.

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