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Monday, November 5, 2012

Preserving arowana bloodlines

An interesting article illustrating the charm arowanas have on humans. I'm not really a fan of platinum arowanas, just the good old red and gold arowanas.

Preserving arowana bloodline

Big catch: Chua looking at the hybrid platinum arowana. Because of its rare colour, it is worth the price of a new Toyota Camry.

MALACCA: He is a lawyer by training but Lincoln Chua's painstaking efforts to learn about arowanas has turned him into a fish biologist of sorts.

For almost three decades, he has been learning and researching about the ornamental fish. As for the 120 arowanas in his collection, Chua has been keeping a journal on their size, hue, behaviour and origin.
Chua, 45, is meticulous about their places of origin to ensure their lineage is protected.
“The pure Golden Crossback Arowana, which is unique to Malaysia, originated from Sungai Kerian and the Bukit Merah dam in Perak before it spread to nearby aquatic sites.”
He said their birthplace would distinguish them from others in terms of appearance, size and colour.
“In order to preserve a pure bloodline, it is advisable to mate the fish only with those from the same species,” he said at his home in Ayer Keroh.
Chua has converted the patio of his bungalow into a lush garden filled with customised fibreglass tanks. Among others, he has species from places like Bagan Samak, Selama, Changkat Lobak and Alor Pongsu rivers in Perak.
There is also a hatching room in his house to nurture fish fry.
Of the hybrids he owned, Chua noted that a platinum arowana he bought two years ago when it was only three-inches long was now worth the price of a Toyota Camry.
“It is exceptional because of its rare colour,” he said.
Chua said he was looking forward to the completion of his fish farm in Bukit Merah, Taiping, by the end of the year, adding that all his fish would then be transported there.


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